Exclusive: Bodega Bamz Teams Up With the Flatbush Zombies for 'Bring Em Out'

Courtesy Photo
Bodega Bamz

Harlem and Brooklyn have come together for an irrefutably New York track: "Bring Em Out," the lead single off Bodega Bamz's debut full-length, Sidewalk Exec. Bamz, a native of Spanish Harlem, is joined by Brooklyn's Flatbush Zombies for the cinematic, gritty single produced by V-Don (2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T).

Speaking about the track, Bamz alludes to the unique collaboration between his own Tan Boys crew and the Flatbush Zombies -- "TANZOMBIES...Thank You Asap Yams...New New York."

Bodega Bamz Talks Career Start, New York Rap

The late A$AP Yams is also featured on Sidewalk Exec, which drops April 14 (preorder available here).

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