Jimi Tents, 'Elmer Fudd': Exclusive Song Premiere

Courtesy of Jimi Tents
Cover art for Jimi Tents' single, "Elmer Fudd."

Jimi Tents doesn't shy away from heavy issues.

The New York-born rapper's new single "Elmer Fudd" -- premiered here on The Juice -- is about growing up and taking responsibility. Listen below:

Tents starts "Elmer Fudd" with a question: "If a body drop in the hood, and no one around, does it make noise?" He raps conversationally over a low-key, off-kilter beat. Sedrock, who produced Jay Bel's "Kate," also produced "Elmer Fudd." Moxie Raia contributes vocals, adding a melodic counterpoint to Tents' gruff delivery. "I met Moxie while working on my debut project with Nate Fox out in LA," Tents tells Billboard. "She was super cool and we creatively clicked."

Tents has a clear idea of what he wants to accomplish with his art. "My biggest goal is to create amazing impactful music but not just that," he says. "I'm digging longevity. I'm sticking around, we're creating a legacy. I need to change someone's life."

You can hear this confidence during "Elmer Fudd." As the song progresses, the hook changes. "When a body drops in your hood and no one's around," he raps, "Just know it makes noise." By the end of the song, Tents has answered his own question.

Tents is part of the collective, Sleepercamp -- along with Jay Bel and others.