Ratking Shows Love for NY In 'Snow Beach': Exclusive Video Premiere

Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Ratking performs during Day 2 of Lollapalooza 2014 at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on August 2, 2014.

So It Goes, the 2014 studio debut from New York rap trio Ratking, came filled with crooked, forceful beats and off-kilter horn samples that evoked the city's early-90s hip-hop.

Ratking continue the momentum with the new video to "Snow Beach," premiered here on The Juice.

Proving their city cred, Ratking make the trek out to Coney Island in the middle of winter, when tourist landmarks like Nathan's, the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium, and the amusement park are completely deserted. The song is a fierce declaration of Ratking's love for their home. Raking's Wiki raps in his idiosyncratic, compellingly-pinched voice. "I used to shit on NYU kids, soused after darkā€¦ infecting the Apple, a cancer in its heart/ Why'd you make a campus out the park?" And later, "Tourists come, try to escape, admire the place, visit the Empire state/ I prefer a roof, stoop, fire escape."

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As the trio -- consisting of Wiki, Hak and Sporting Life -- wanders the snowy beach, they come across an old man running shirtless like it's August; later, they encounter a woman in a bikini who seems impervious to cold. It turns out that some New Yorkers are even tougher than Ratking.

Be on the lookout for the group's next release -- a free EP titled 700 Fill -- coming this winter.