Beanie Sigel Released From Hospital

Beanie Sigel was reportedly been released from the hospital Monday, after a month-long stay following a shooting in New Jersey last month when he was nearly killed outside his home. 

Beanie Sigel Awake After Shooting

Rapper and friend Neef Buck broke the news on Instagram when he posted a photo of what looks like Sigel getting out of a wheelchair and entering an van, tagging his friend in the shot. 

The 40-year-old Sigal was shot Dec. 5 in the abdomen and remained in critical condition for more than a week following. According to Sigel's attorney then, Sigel had just taken his children to school and was an unintended target of the shooting.

Beanie Sigel Shot in New Jersey: Report

Sigel was released from jail in August, following a two-year federal sentence for tax evasion on more than $700,000 over six years and a congruently served sentence on narcotics possession charges


Alhamdulillah !!!! Masha allah !!! MY BOY IS HOME !!!!! @beaniesigelsp

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