Abra, 'U Go I Go': Exclusive Song Premiere

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Atlanta's Awful Records is known for its roster of male rappers -- most notably Father, whose "Look At Wrist" popped up on a few year-end lists. But the label is connected with a wide-ranging group of artists, including Abra, a London-born, Atlanta-raised singer who looks to update the sounds of '90s R&B.

'My City: Atlanta,' Featuring Father, Raury & OG Maco

Check out Abra's latest single, "U GO I GO," premiered here on The Juice.

Abra's website contains two videos which give you a sense of the singer's aesthetic: "Diamonds & Gold," a minimal, erotic track with a clip filmed largely in darkness, and "NeedSumBody," which plays with focus and blurriness -- at times, you can hardly see the singer, but her message remains clear. A dark, sensual undercurrent has bubbled into pop's mainstream in the last few years -- think of the Weeknd or Tinashe -- and Abra is exploring similar territory.

"You can do anything you want to do if you want it bad enough," Abra tells Billboard. Her latest track proves her point: she recorded it in her bedroom closet and produced it herself.

"Where you go I will go," she sings. "I'll take on your religion and all your other women." She knows what she wants, and she knows how to make it happen.