Usher Tests the Limits of Art With This Vagina Phone-Charger: NSFW

Usher, 2014
Miller Mobley

Usher photographed on October 17, 2014 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia.

U don't have to call Usher. No, seriously, don't call Usher. He's busy charging his phone... in a lady's vagina.

Art Basel Miami Beach: Your Music Guide

Need some background? Usher was attending Art Basel in Miami Beach on Wednesday night, when -- according to a tweet and accompanying NSFW photos -- the singer stopped by an art installation at Vector Gallery and took part in an exhibit that featured a cell phone charger coming from a naked woman's body.

We'll leave it you to interpret this bit of art and what it means. The incident definitely jibes with Usher's recent no-judgment attitude: His latest single -- "I Don't Mind," featuring Juicy J -- is all about being cool with his lady being a stripper. Maybe he can release a remix about not minding if you pose for an electro-sexual art installation.