Azealia Banks Takes Aim at Iggy Azalea After Eric Garner Decision

Azealia Banks, 2014.

Azealia Banks

Following a New York grand jury's decision Wednesday not to indict an NYPD officer involved in the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner for apparently selling untaxed cigarettes, like many others around the country Azealia Banks took to Twitter to express herself and vent her frustration with the news. 

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The Harlem rapper stated the need for black students to be properly educated on their history and empowered in schools by more than "your people's necks at the foot of the WP [White Power]" and wrote of her own feelings of helplessness in the situation, asking, "Why does this country want us to hate ourselves so much?"

But eventually she turned her attention to Iggy Azalea, calling out the Australian rap-phenom's popular ascent as racist.  


As we learned when Snoop Dogg started beef with Azalea over Instagram in October, she's not one to just take harassment without sticking up for herself. Still, as of publishing, she had not responded to Azalea nor the Garner decision. 

For what it's worth, Nicki Minaj -- who Banks mentioned as establishing something that Azalea has moved in on -- had not said anything about the Garner decision online either.