A New Beyonce Album? 5 Reasons It's Happening & 5 Reasons It's Not

Courtesy of Parkwood PROD


Is it happening? Is it not? Those are the only two questions worth asking after an internal memo featuring details of an upcoming re-release of Beyoncé’s self-titled debut hit the blogosphere on Sunday, Nov. 2.

There are things from the alleged track list featured on the memo that has many suspicious whether it’s official (choice of title track names, wrong date). On the other hand, a new song with Nicki Minaj titled "DONK" isn’t far fetched considering the rapper/singer's assets, and also a pre-order like to a four-disc Beyonce set on Amazon UK.

We’re experiencing anxiety as perhaps the rest of the Beyhive, therefore, to torture ourselves even more, we've compiled five reasons we think Beyoncé is re-releasing Beyoncé, and five reasons why this seems bogus.

5 Reasons Why a Beyoncé Re-Release Is Happening:

1. Amazon has posted a pre-order link to four-disc Beyoncé product, which matches up to the "physical 4-disc copy" on the alleged Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records memo.

2.As Vulture pointed out, the reported Nicki Minaj-assisted collaboration, "DONK," was registered on ASCAP.

3. The-Dream, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams: All acts featured on the re-release (if going off the above), and all acts Beyoncé worked with on the self-titled album. It wouldn't be a stretch if the new songs were ones that didn’t make the cut.

4. It was rumored that Beyoncé had tapped Rihanna for a remix to "Blow." Perhaps, it wasn't a remix but a new collaboration titled "Cherry"? Perfect title to an alleged "Blow" sequel.

5. Bey' has been changing up her hair dos these past few days. Are they looks for accompanied music videos?

5 Reasons Why a Beyoncé Re-Release Is Not Happening:

1. The date on the alleged memo says that the hard copy re-release is scheduled to drop on Monday, Nov. 25 but Nov. 25 is a Tuesday.

2. Would Bey' use a lyric from "Best Thing I Never Had" as a song title: "Good In Good Bye"?

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3.  Where's the remix to "Drunk in Love" featuring Kanye West?
4. The alleged release date is a month shy of the one-year anniversary of Beyoncé. Why not wait another month? (Counterpoint: It would arrive just in time for Black Friday.)

5. There were sneak peeks on Beyoncé's Instagram before the surprise release of Beyoncé, but there hasn't been any for the re-release.

Editor's Note: Amazon UK did not respond to request for comment at time of publishing.