Chance the Rapper's 'No Better Blues' Helps Launch Twitter Audio Card Feature

Chance the Rapper
 Gabriella DeGirolami

Chance the Rapper

For iOS and Android users, listening to music and discussing it just became a whole lot easier. While on a fall college tour, Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment debuted a new track, "No Better Blues," via Soundcloud on Thursday (Oct. 16) and, as is common, posted the link on their Twitter account. The track has since reached No. 2 on the Billboard Twitter Trending 140 chart.

What makes it special? Thanks to a new Twitter service, listeners won't have to leave the Twitter app to hear Chance's pessimism as he spouts off a list of things he hates, including -- and certainly not limited to -- his twin, milkshakes and the optimistic smirks on the face of children.

On Thursday, the social-media giant announced Twitter Audio Cards, which will allow listeners to listen to audio directly from their Twitter timelines with one click. Users can then dock the song in the corner and continue playback as they browse inside the mobile app.

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For now, the Audio Card feature only pairs with specific Soundcloud accounts -- and for some iTunes songs -- but the company anticipates full compatibility with all SoundCloud accounts in the future. In addition, Twitter expects to partner with other music services to "bring even more in-the-moment audio to millions of listeners." A list of compatible accounts can be found here:

The Audio Card's creation highlights the critical relationship between music and Twitter. More than 1 billion tweets sent in 2013 related to music, making it the most discussed subject on the platform in the United States. Moreover, 50% of all active Twitter users follow at least one musician, according to the social media powerhouse.

Another way to stay up on music and Twitter? Check out Billboard's real-time music charts, which rank the most discussed songs on Twitter. Rankings include metrics for current activity, activity over the past 24 hours, and a listing that filters exclusively for up-and-coming artists.