Snoop Dogg Takes Iggy Azalea Beef to New Low With Ugly Instagram Video

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Snoop Dogg performs during the Pemberton Music and Arts Festival at  on July 19, 2014 in Pemberton, British Columbia. 

For some reason, rap legend Snoop Dogg has decided to make hip-hop newcomer Iggy Azalea his target in a series of increasingly ugly posts on Instagram.

What started as a joke -- admittedly, an insulting and totally inappropriate joke -- has now reached an unsettling place.

Late Tuesday night on Instagram, after some back and forth between the two, Snoop took it to a new low with the following message: "Say bitch, you're fucking with the wrong n--ga and your n--ga better check you before I do, you funky bitch. Fucking c-nt."

Why a 42-year-old man (especially one who's recently taken to speaking out against gun violence) is suddenly so obsessed with insulting a 24-year-old woman remains a mystery.

For her part, Iggy tweeted she's done dealing with this entire situation:

If you must watch it, the NSFW video is below.