Rochelle Jordan, 'Playa 4 Life' Featuring Iamsu!: Exclusive Song Premiere

You can count on Rochelle Jordan to make a life of sin sound heavenly.

Heartbreak drives the singer-songwriter to the bad side on her dulcet single, "Playa 4 Life."  Below check out Rochelle Jordan's first single off her upcoming album, 1021, premiered here on The Juice:

"What'd you do to me?/ You did me so wrong and now/ I think I'm going to be a playa, playa 4 life," she sings on the hook.

Rapper IamSu! comes in close to the end to spit game: "Maybe you can see/ I'm really hoping you can be everything you can be/ 'Cause I believe in you."

In 2013, IamSu! sampled Rochelle Jordan's "Losing" for his $uzy 6 $peed single "Losin'."

1021, due this fall, follows the recent release of her Kitty Cash-hosted mixtape, Killah. The full-length album shows Jordan at her most honest, with songwriting heavier than on former projects (Rojo, Pressure).

"I wanted to create a project that represents who I am in more ways than one," she tells Billboard. "The numerology behind 1021, besides it being my birthday numbers, is extremely telling of where I am right now spiritually, mentally and career wise. The Libra in me had a field day writing these emotionally charged songs. It was only right that I built around [love] since I love love."

"And [it's] overall outlook on these emotional roller coasters I've been through these past years."