Rome Fortune, 'Small VVorld': Exclusive Album Premiere

Rome Fortune, 2014.

Rome Fortune

The rapper's 11-song free album features ILOVEMAKONNEN and OG Maco

Rome Fortune is one of Atlanta's most wanted making waves. The rapper has been garnering buzz, picking up after the success of his Beautiful Pimp mixtapes.

The rapper follows up his collaborative EP with Dun Deal, Drives, Thighs, & Lies, with his free album, Small VVorld. Check out the 11-track album below, premiered here on The Juice, and download here.

"Small VVorld is an ideology I have that's obviously a common saying, but at the same time is the truest way to test if you're on the right path of life, in my opinion," Rome Fortune tells Billboard. "If you're doing it right, 'it' being whatever you prefer to occupy your time, you will always run into powerful presences [and] entities that can push you further with that passion or take it all from you. That's what the album cover signifies in one image."

Small VVorld is a brutally honest glimpse into Fortune’s everyday living, which is driven, and at times haunted, by pressures from forces inside himself and the outside world.

"I chose the composition of this project the way I did because the degrees of separation between each of the individuals I worked with was so small but the elements that they all brought sonically varied in such a huge way," he continues. "I wanted to be able tell a story with the music with out skits or interruptions yet you still have an authentic experience."

The album features an eclectic roster including Atlanta's ILOVEMAKONNEN and OG Maco, and potent production by Blood Diamonds, Bassnectar, Four Tet and more.

Fortune took advantage of Small VVorld to spotlight the talent from his hometown: "Makonnen & Maco were more so late additions to the project. I wanted to have a clear representation of what a lot of the new artists from Atlanta are. That's different. It's a few people genuinely doing their own thing so I wanted to embrace and showcase that."