Theophilus Martins, 'Doing It For Television': Exclusive EP Premiere

Michael Benatar
Theophilus Martins

Theophilus Martins' EP Doing It For Television "marks a turning point in my life."

Martins spent some time "in solitude" before recording Doing It For Television. He addresses his time away on the opening track, the sticky "Under Stay For The Credits," but he's not apologetic about it. "I believe that when pursuing any creative realm, you often find that you are selling yourself to others," says the rapper. But L.A., where Doing It For Television was recorded and mixed, helped him escape this cycle.

His feelings of liberty come through on a song like "The Look," which is full of carefree swagger: "Don't compare me to these rappers, girl you lost your mind/ they ain't nothin' but some actors, reciting their lines." Sometimes taking time away is exactly what an artist needs -- Martins is back with renewed vigor.

Check out Theophilus Martin's Doing It For Television below, premiered here on The Juice.