Snoop Dogg Teases New Pharrell Collab in Weed Infomercial

Snoop Dogg, 2014
Renaud Philippe

Snoop Dogg photographed by Renaud Philippe at the Festival International d'Ete de Quebec on July 5, 2014.

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell have been cooking up something new in the studio, and the Doggfather took to Youtube to deliver a sneak peak. And, as he did so, he also gave us an almost literal taste of what his buddy Kurupt has been cooking up as well -- MoonRocks. 

Snoop Dogg Dons Whiteface for... Some Reason

Rolling up a blunt with Kurupt's new MoonRocks-branded weed that coats marijuana with hash oil and kief (watch the commercial here), Snoop lets about 30 seconds of his new Pharrell-collaboration play in the background. 

"I gets my groove on. I do my thang. My planet’s Krypton, home of the freaks. Come get yo moon rocks. I am a G," we hear Snoop rapping in the track before his Pharrell's happy-go-lucky chorus enters in, hitting on the chorus line, "when lightning strikes, you know it."

"When lightning strikes, you know it," Snoop exclaims, amping a jar of Kurupt's MoonRocks. 

"That’s enough of that music," he says next. "I can’t let you hear all that shit cause you be done put the shit out. ... Yo ass got a verse and a half."

Watch it here:

Snoop and Pharrell have teamed up previously on hits that include "Beautiful" and "Drop It Like It’s Hot," and rumors speculate Snoop is planning a new album for release in 2015. 

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From Snoop's rambling after the song plays, it seems the track's reference to moon rocks was not an intentional name-drop to Kurupt's new weed but it isn't clear. Following that, another video shows Snoop enjoying his blunt courtesy of "Dr. MoonRock," as he call Kurupt, and he seems to be enjoying it.