Logic, 'Driving Ms. Daisy,' Featuring Childish Gambino: Exclusive Song Premiere

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After a handful of mixtapes, including his Young Sinatra trilogy, Logic is prepping his Def Jam Recordings major label debut.

The Maryland-born rapper delivers the first taste of the full-length effort with his new song, "Driving Ms. Daisy," featuring Childish Gambino. Check out a bonus track from Logic's upcoming album, exclusively premiered here on The Juice.

"I was actually on my headlining tour when I produced and wrote this record in one sitting," he tells Billboard. "I was deathly sick and dealing with a lot of problems, not personal so much as business and getting the album ready. I decided to put it on a song, and the fact [that] I produced it made it feel more honest to me. I gave the listener every aspect of my mind on this matter."

Going off the lyrics and single artwork, one can see that Logic was inspired by the comedy-drama film, "Driving Miss Daisy." "It's a play on the movie, where I feel like I'm Morgan Freeman driving and Ms. Daisy is my accomplishments," he says. "I'm driving on the road of success and I'm so focused on the destination that sometimes I forget to enjoy the view along the way and the "company" in the backseat."

Being a fan and friend of Childish Gambino, Logic sent him "Driving Ms. Daisy" to listen to. Gambino liked it so much, he jumped on the track.

"I actually sent the record to Gambino for fun, more like, 'hey, check out this song I'm working on.' He really liked it. He liked it so much I said, 'hell, you wanna hop on it?'" he shares. "We had talked about doing a record in the past but it didn't pan out. Him and Fam -- who he works with closely -- really liked it and made it happen. He doesn't do a lot of features so it was dope to not only do a song with the homie, but someone I'm a fan of!"

Logic's debut album, executive produced by No I.D., is slated to drop this fall.