Nicki Minaj Explains How Beyonce's 'Flawless' Remix Came to Be

Nicki Minaj performs at the 2014 Philly 4th Of July Jam
Michael Branscom/VH1

Nicki Minaj performs at the 2014 Philly 4th Of July Jam on July 4, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA.

Nicki Minaj owned this past weekend.

Before releasing her second single "Anaconda" on Sunday, August 3, Nicki Minaj surprised the Barbz when appearing on the remix to Beyoncé's "Flawless."

Late Saturday, August 2, Beyoncé dropped a remix to the Beyoncé song without notice. While some outlets (HipHopWired, Miss Info) sensed a collaboration between the two superstars was coming, it was mostly kept under wraps until the week of.

"She sent me a version that she wanted. She told me, 'I want you to be you. I don't want you to hold back." I said, 'You sure?' She said, 'Yeah. I want you to be you and do you." I was actually in New York writing the verse. I recorded the verse in New York and she stopped by the studio. She was such a sweetheart. She was hyping me up, 'Do your thing. Don't hold back. Go in.' I was like, 'Okay. Alright,'" she continued.

Since they met up at the NYC studio, Nicki Minaj has been sending Bey' photos of herself for the single artwork. The single cover features a collage of selfies of both, individually. "We've just been waiting for her to drop it. She said she was going to drop it in the middle of the ['On the Run'] tour. I wrote the verse before she even went on tour. We've been going back and forth. I've been sending her photos of myself. We've been going back and forth about the mixes and the single art."

"And now, here you have it."

Check out the "Flaweless" remix below:

"I think the stars aligned the right way. We are just in the right places in our careers that it makes sense now. With the release to her last album, her records are geared to what I do now."