Kevin Abstract, 'MTV1987': Exclusive Album Stream

Kevin Abstract
Daniel Ruiz

Daniel Ruiz

After studiously recording with AliveSinceForever in-house producer Romil for six months, Kevin Abstract delivers his debut album, "MTV1987."

Check out an exclusive stream of the album, here on The Juice:

The Corpus Christie, Texas-born rapper explores the positive and negative effects that the Internet has had on his growth, and it's perception as a safe haven from the real world.

"I'm 17-years-old and spend too much time on Tumblr and YouTube," he tells The Juice. " All of these songs were inspired by my favorite people in the world: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and [Kid] Cudi." Abstract was heavily influenced by the 80's, hence the album title, album cover and countless of references through out the effort.

He continues, "This album is for all of the self-conscious kids who would rather be in their bedroom pretending to be someone else online than going to a high school party and attempting to socialize. The Internet is dark but i feel safe here."