Beyonce Pens Poignant Tribute to Michael Jackson: 'You Could Hear His Soul'

Mason Poole


Yesterday (June 25), Michael Jackson fans large and small observed and reflected on the fifth anniversary of the King of Pop's unexpected passing. One of the most touching odes to MJ came from just about the biggest voice imaginable.

In a post on her official site, Beyoncé reminisced on how Jackson's otherworldly performance style inspired her at an early age. Bey recalled how her producer encouraged her to watch an old Jackson 5 live video of "Who's Loving You" to get a feel for his incredible sense of soul. She notes that even though a young MJ wasn't yet experienced in true love, he could evoke inspiring emotion nonetheless. Check out the complete open letter below:

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When I was just starting out, my first producer used to make me listen to Michael Jackson’s live performance of “Who’s Loving You.”  He would have me watch that for hours back to back to back.

What he wanted me to learn was his soul.  You could hear his soul.  And he was this little kid who hadn’t experienced love but he was a vessel.  For whatever reason he could evoke more emotion than an adult.  It was so raw and so pure.  It was these little things that he did that were just swag.   It’s something that’s God given.

Michael taught me that sometimes you have to forget technique, forget what you have on.  If you feel silly, you have to go from the gut just let it go.

Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am thank you Michael.

Love always,? B

Check out the performance of "Who's Loving You" Beyoncé refers to below:

Billboard paid tribute to the memory of MJ yesterday with a look back at his 50 biggest hits and his life in photos.

And as for Beyoncé, she kicked off her On the Run Tour with Jay Z last night in Miami, joining her husband onstage for songs like "03 Bonnie and Clyde" and "Holy Grail."