Syleena Johnson, 'Perfectly Worthless': Exclusive Video Premiere


Syleena Johnson's latest single, "Perfectly Worthless," tells the story of disastrous heartbreak. But its accompanying music video, premiered here on The Juice, takes its impact to a higher level.

The music video, directed by Tangie Black Moore, CEO of Tier2 Multimedia & Films, showcases a play-by-play story of Syleena taking revenge against a cheating lover, but there's a dark and heavy twist at the end. Watch below:

"It's about the love of your life, the one you took vows with [that is] seeking to destroy your mind and spirit," she says, "Because of that mental pain, we had to do something that made the video dark."

Syleena Johnson opens the music video with a snippet of her next single, "My Love," which goes to radio in two weeks.

"Perfectly Worthless" is a sneak peek at the storytelling heard through out the singer-songwriter's upcoming album, "Chapter 6: Couples Therapy," which is out October 7.