Angie Martinez Talks Hot 97 Departure & Power 105.1 Move: Exclusive

Angie Martinez
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Angie Martinez attends the Nueva Latina campaign launch at Helen Mills Event Space on February 26, 2014 in New York City.

Angie Martinez has broken her silence since resigning from New York City's famed radio station Hot 97 earlier this week. The radio personality, who spent two decades on-air with Hot 97, resigned earlier this week through a social networking announcement and a tearful goodbye during her famed radio show. Martinez tells Billboard in her first interview since leaving the Hip-Hop radio station, that she's been keeping a low profile these last few days. "People keep texting me like this is such a big deal and keep forwarding me links to things," she says, surprised by the hoopla since the announcement. "I've really tried to keep a quiet mind about it. I'm trying not to read too much of the comments on social media or too much stuff about it in general. It's emotional enough for me, and I just want to look forward and not get too wrapped up in the noise."

Since her departure — which she describes as "amazingly" amicable — the internet has been flooded with a back-and-forth argument between members of Martinez's former radio station Hot 97 and her new home, competitor station New York's Power 105.1. Hot 97's flagship DJ Funkmaster Flex has been involved in social media scuffling with Power 105.1's DJ Envy (also a former employee of Hot 97), and Martinez's name has popped up. While she's "gotten wind" of what's been going on, Angie has maintained a neutral stance as she's historically done since being named the "Voice Of New York" many years ago. "Just for a day or two, I'm trying to give myself a little peace of mind," she says.


"I tried to really look at what's best for my career, what's best for my life, what's best for my family, for me. I had to take my emotion out of it. It was a decision that I felt was right for me," she says of her decision.

While the move to Power 105.1 is perhaps the most shocking transition for the public, Martinez will also be broadcasting on Miami's The Beat. The stations won't stop there, as the migration from Emmis Communications to Clear Channel will offer the radio personality more options with her career. "The thing is about the move – it's not just going down the dial," Martinez explains. "It's about joining a team and a company that really offers me all kinds of growth potential." In addition to her new radio home, Martinez will continue her segments on "Extra," along with preparing for the release of her cookbook with "Top Chef" runner-up Angelo Sosa, focusing on healthy Latin cooking. Angie Martinez begins broadcasting on Power 105.1 and The Beat in July. Until then, she cheerfully says she's enjoying her down time and will be taking a vacation, her first real time off in twenty years.