Destiny's Child Reunites For Michelle Williams' 'Say Yes' Video: Watch

Michelle William's "Say Yes" Video featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland

Michelle William's "Say Yes" video featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland for a mini Destiny's Child reunion.

Destiny's Child is back… for a music video.

Still, getting to see Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams grooving on the same set is absolutely heartwarming, even if there may never be a Destiny's Child reunion.

Today (June 18), Michelle Williams premiered her music video for her "Journey to Freedom" (September) single, "Say Yes," on Good Morning America. As promised last month, when she dropped the single, the accompanied video features a reunion with her old bandmates.

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The jubilant clip features a dance-heavy block party where the ladies and others get down to Williams' "Say Yes," a modern dance reworking of an old Nigerian hymn. The best part might be the closing freeze frame of the Destiny's Child alums.

"It was so much fun," Williams told the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month. "It was like we were little kids again. I have their back and they have mine. They have showed themselves to be loyal to me time after time. They have proven they are my sisters time and time again."