Jennifer Hudson Flaunts It In '90s-Throwback 'Walk It Out' Video: Watch

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has done her sassy single "Walk It Out" justice with a new video that's all swagger and sex appeal. 

The clip that's directed by Director X (Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX "Fancy", Ciara "Body Party") opens on the heroine waking up in her Chicago hometown, donning some modern '90s-style gear and hitting the streets struttin'. 

Timbaland makes a few cameos (he produced the track with J-Roc), but mostly the show's all Hudson, as she attracts attention from hunky men on the street. One in particular seems particular enamored and chases her through the four-minute clip. 

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The pretty concept is simple, but execution is spot on. There's Hudson on the city sidewalks and then into a salon full of women getting their hair done and performing an effortless choreographed routine, complete with one or two new moves fans will surely take home and show their friends. On to the park she goes, bringing some natural steps there too that could have been totally cheesy but instead fit without hesitation into the video's canvas. All the time, the focus is on her and she shines. 

Watch it here: