Funkmaster Flex to Dame Dash Amidst Growing Beef: 'You Didn't Adapt to the Game'

Funkmaster Flex
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Funkmaster Flex attends Hot 97 Presents Metro PCS Take Over Tour at Best Buy Theater on March 26, 2014 in New York City.

A dispute between Funkmaster Flex and Damon "Dame" Dash has been heating up and is finally coming to a boil, with Flex calling Dash out on his Hot 97 radio show Thursday. He alleged racism and claimed Jay-Z's former manager and business partner at Roc-a-Fella Records is a "sore winner" now "black balled" from the music industry. 

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Dash has been on an ongoing tirade recently against music industry execs, recently focusing on former Def Jam executive and friend to Flex, Joie Manda:

This clown right here is joi manda... I'm not even going to give him the respect of calling him any type of ceo... Hes is like the culture vultures Dimwitted assistant that does what he's told... I'm putting him on blast because I've personally witness him start war between two creatives from the same culture so he could benifit... Which is what they always do... Divide and conquer... You would think when 2 young guys have a problem with each other the older guy would sit them in a room and squash it... These guys promote it and make money of the winner... They could care less if somebody dies or get hurt.. As long as they make money off it....he's also the guy that started the divide and conquer beef between me and currency.... The funny thing is he can't get a dollar from his own people so he tries helps exploit ours... He's a nobody... Never let him front on you and I'm gonna keep calling him and his whole crew out... You know who you are and your up next #dontgetscared... I'm playing them all out publicly because I'm sick of them bullying people from my culture and there soft as hell... Pause..and they cheat... We not fighting each other anymore... We getting at the cowards that make money of our struggle every day... Have some respect for the culture that is paying all your bills

Flex spoke up on his Hot 97 radio show following, leading Dash to target Flex online next:

Hey @djfunkflex would not have an issue with another man over another man... I believe a man should speak up for himself and I really hope you would never desrespect me over another man I'm 43 so what I will do is give you an interview live where you can ask me any question you want and joi can as well...I was wondering who was gonna defend him from our culture... Funny that's is you but...but I think you should have called me out of respect...but well talk about that face to face like men...your over 40 as well

Dash's antagonism continued on Instagram, Wednesday posting an image of Jay Z including disparaging remarks against former Island Def Jam President Lyor Cohen:

Look how happy the culture vulture Lyor Cohen looks to be getting money off all of us and our authentic experiences... We're all mad cause we can't make money of his him cause he never did anything cool ever...I wonder what sell out from our culture that has been employed by them for years is gonna stick up for him like @djfunkflex did for that clown joi It's funny how they try to make us fight each to take the focus off them robbing the us...Old trick and I m not going for it... Let's keep the focus on them... The divide conquer game is over... I'll deal with @djfunkflex later

And Thursday morning Dash turned his sites on Flex again, calling him out for not having him on his radio show to talk this out:

Im just curious why @djfunkflex has so much to say about a person when he's on a mike on the radio but when I directly addressed him so we could publicly have a face to face conversation and he hasent said a word yet... @djfunkflex I'm calling you and joi out... And lyor his as well... They don't even have enough respect for the culture to address what Iam saying ... You nerds have been making money from rap beef for years which makes our culture look stupid so why not engage in #ceobeef ?... Pause ...because all three of you know I will expose your intellect and the whole world will see exactly how smart you lames really are #dontgetscared

By Thursday night it was Flex's turn to speak, taking more than 20 minutes on his 7 o'clock radio show to address Dash and his online assaults. 

"I should have called him? I should have had him come up to the show? He didn't call anybody when he's talking about anybody, so I gave my opinion. What shocked him is he didn't think I was gonna jump in. So I gave my opinion," said Flex, who often raised his speech to a scream during the segment. "What are you coming up for? This ain't 1998. When you're in the music business we'll have you come up. Right now, stick to artwork… clothing and slippers… Let me do this music thing up here."

Flex was sure to give Dash props for his work in the New York during the 1990s, building Roc-a-Fella at a time when Puffy Daddy's Bad Boy Records ruled the city. "This guy right here was instrumental in the music business," he said. "This guy Dame Dash understood how to bring his brand through and make his brand matter."

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But all respect aside, Flex called out Dash for his repeated use of the term "culture vultures," asking, "What is that? People who are not of his color who care capitalizing on the culture?"

"If you're only four years in the game, or you've only been on your website about three years, sometimes you believe foolishness like this," Flex continued. "People trying to pit people against each other because of their color. That's what's happening here. Yeah he happens to be my friend but now he's pitting people against each other for their color." 

Flex credited Cohen, Manda and Def Jam for Dash's success with Roc-a-Fella, calling him a "sore winner" who received millions of dollars in overhead and made his business. "Remember when the culture vulture cut you that check?" he yelled. 

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"Everybody would have took those deals. And he took them and he was successful at it. He's a sore winner," Flex said later, going on to imply he was mad at these executives because they helped Jay Z further his career without Dame. Flex said he wouldn't have been "dumb enough or full of myself enough" to even let them stand next to Jay Z. 

"You had your opinion, everybody let you have your opinion; I got mine," said Flex. "Don't be mad because I'm on a bigger platform. Don't be mad because I'm still current and you're not. Don't be mad at me. Don't be mad because I took up for my friend because you were trying to box him in… You didn't adapt to the game. The game changed and you're mad at everyone else. Be mad at yourself."

Hear the entire segment here: FLEX ANSWERS DAME DASH ON HOT 97.mp3

Dash is to appear on the Combat Jack Show podcast Thursday night and invited Flex to join him. Update to follow.