The Juice Podcast 5/16/14: Mac Miller Talks 'Faces' Mixtape & Drugs; ItsTheReal Co-Host

Jatnna Nunez

Mac Miller visits the Billboard studio.

Less than a week after releasing his 24-song mixtape, "Faces" (May 12), Mac Miller calls in for this week's episode of The Juice Podcast.

With ItsTheReal's Eric and Jeff Rosenthal as co-hosts, the third episode features Mac Miller elaborating on the making of "Faces" – including the effort's overall thread of drug abuse – and the effect media's criticism has had on him.

"I've been doing drugs since I was 10-years old. I just hid it better back then," he says. "For me personally, it's never one D or C (drug of choice). Yeah dude, I experiment. Am I proud of it? Do I rep' it? No. But do I rap about it because it's what's going on? Yeah. Would I suggest kids to do drugs? Hell no."

Mac Miller on New Mixtape 'Faces': 'Don't Tell My Mama I Got a Drug Problem'

He also touches on life post-Rostrum Records: "Sometimes the stars aren't aligned for us to be working together... It's nice to have the operation in my hands again. It's nothing serious, I just couldn't be there and they knew that."

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Mac also shares that he's been meditating with Rick Rubin and hiding away in his in-house studio, recording alongside Thundercat, The Internet and SZA, for who he produced "Ur" for her latest project, "Z."

"SZA is actually why I started producing again. I was just rapping and not producing for a while. She came over and we made 'Ur' and 'Warm Winds,'" he says. "She's one of the awesomest writers as far as people I've been in the studio with. She writes her verses in five minutes. It's incredible."

ItsTheReal and I close the podcast with a discussion about new music that's came out recently, and letting the world know that the summer belongs to DJ Mustard.

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