Drake Disguises Himself For Jimmy Kimmel Live's 'Lie Witness News': Watch

After announcing his gig as host at this year's ESPY Awards, Drake stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to participate in his signature segment, "Lie Witness News."

Drake to Host Espy Awards

Drake disguised himself with a fake beard, wig, and glasses and asked pedestrians what they thought of him as an artist.

The rapper/actor asked fake questions about himself – "How do you feel about Drake apparently performing a surprise performance at Coachella and airing his sex tape on the screen... Are you excited to see it?" – to which people answered honestly; Whether negative or positive, the segment was funny nonetheless.

Drake took off the disguise as soon as fan, Junius Parham-Marrero, tried to recite a line from his song, "Trophies."