Ashanti Gives Five Craziest Murder Inc Moments, Bosses Up with 'Braveheart' Album: Watch Here

Jatnna Nunez
Ashanti visits the Billboard studio in New York City.

No longer with the Murder Inc crew she grew famous with more than a decade ago, Ashanti has had to learn what it’s like to be her own boss on the fly. With last week’s March 4 release of “Braveheart,” her first album in six years, the songstress has wrapped her first record as the captain of the ship.

“It’s a lot of work,” Ashanti says during a stop at Billboard’s New York studio of being CEO at Written Entertainment, her record label through indie house Entertainment One Music. “I get very overwhelmed. I’m the artist and the CEO. I’m funding the entire project. I have a staff. So there are a lot of people that depend on me and this record.”

Owning her own masters is one of the benefits of being in charge. Also, she’ll soon be putting together music for the forthcoming John Singleton-directed Tupac Shakur biopic. But for now, she’s locked in on promoting “Braveheart.” “I felt like it was time to be vulnerable and be sincere,” she says of her fifth solo album.

In addition to the music biz talk, Ashanti took a walk down memory lane for Gimme Five, talking about some of her favorite times while on Murder Inc with captains Irv Gotti and rapper Ja Rule leading the way.

One of her highlight moments is attending the World Music Awards years back in the South of France, hanging out with a prince and meeting elite fashion designers. Sounds like a blast. Check out the clips above.