Mara Hruby Talks 'Archaic Rapture' EP, Performs Two Songs: Watch

Jatnna Nunez

Mara Hruby visits the Billboard studio in New York City.

Mara Hruby's voice has the strength to transport you to another era.
The singer-songwriter, born and raised in Oakland, Calif., stopped by our NYC Billboard studios last week (Jan 27) to not only leave us speechless but also share details about her upcoming EP, "Archaic Rapture."

"'Archaic Rapture' is a really emotional project for me. It's six songs, one of the songs is an original that my aunt wrote. The other five songs are Jazz standards from the 40s, 50s era," she told The Juice. "It was the best way for me to emotionally get through the biggest heartbreak, actually my only heartbreak that I've ever been through."

Check out Hruby perform her first 'Archaic Rapture' single, "Cry Me a River," for the first time:

Hruby clawed her way out of heartbreak by channeling her pain into her EP.  "I was with a guy who cheated on me with six women. That's why I am doing six songs, [and] why I'm calling the album 'Archaic' Rapture.'  It was the darkest point in my life. Choosing the songs that I'm doing on this project was my way of coping with the reality of it.

As the release date of "Archaic Rapture" quickly approaches, March 18, Hruby is knee-deep in her upcoming album of original material. "I'm immediately working on my original album. I want to say I'm 11-12 songs in." Talk about moving on.

Check out Hruby perform her renditon of Van Hunt's "Character":