Maino, 'Tupac Problems': Exclusive Song Premiere

JDM Photography


A day before the release of his EP, "King of Brooklyn," Maino debuts a new featured track, "Tupac Problems."

Stream the song below, exclusively on The Juice:

"It's an honest record, it's me Maino talking about my life and I chose to use Tupac as a metaphor to express it all," Maino tells The Juice of "Tupac Problems," which follows up his latest "King of Brooklyn" single, "Watch Me Do It," featuring T.I. and French Montana.

Maino previewed songs off his EP during his NYC listening session on Thursday (Jan. 30). During the session, the rapper also shared some honest words on being the "King of Brooklyn": "If a rapper who's never really a part of the street or never really out there like that, then he really not eligible to have anything say. Because the people that's out there every day, struggling and is hustling and is on their grind and all that, they don't got a problem with Main saying he's' the king of Brooklyn… You know why? Because I'm them. I speak for them."