Common Announces New Album, Debuts 'War' Single

January 22: Common heads out in Park City, Utah for his first day of press for the film LUV, premiering at Sundance. Photo by Steven Taylor

Common is bringing attention to the violence in his hometown, of Chicago, on his upcoming album, "Nobody Smiling."

The rapper told Revolt TV that his 10th studio album, executive produced by No I.D., was inspired by the state of the inner cities of the U.S., including Chicago.

"'Nobody Smiling' was really a thought that came about because of all the violence that was going on in Chicago, or that is going on," he says. "It happens in Chicago, but it’s happening around the world in many ways… It's happening in the inner cities all over America. We were talking about the conditions of what’s happening when I said 'Nobody Smiling,' but it’s really a call to action."

Common: 'We Got To Do More' About Chicago Violence

Soon after announcing the release of his 2014 album, Common debuted its first single, titled "War." "Its time to help these kids!" Common tweeted, after its release. Listen below: