Eric Benét To Helm New Music Reality Show

Maury Phillips/BET/Getty Images for BET

Eric Benét onstage at the Soul Train Awards 2013 at the Orleans Arena, November 8, 2013.Las Vegas, Nevada.

Grammy-nominated singer Eric Benét has teamed with entertainment company Viardo Artists and Emmy Award-winning production company Natural 9 Entertainment to co-produce "Sub Stars." In addition to serving as an executive producer, Benét will host the new reality music competition show.
In a press release announcing the production, "Sub Stars" will "pit the best 'underground' musicians, discovered in the subway systems of major U.S. cities against one another." Contestants will vie for a record label deal and cash prizes. To help support the television show’s first season of production, a Kickstarter campaign goes live today. Eventually fans will help scout for talent and vote for winners using a "Sub Stars" smartphone app. The "Sub Stars" Kickstarter campaign will continue through December 20 in hopes of reaching and exceeding a $399,000 goal.
"We are truly trying to make history together and deliver a fan experience like never before,” states creator/executive producer Phil Viardo in the press release. Adds Benét in the statement, "['Sub Stars'] gives truly unique characters, with a different and innovative sound, a platform to showcase their musical individualism and talent."