Kosha Dillz, 'Awkward In A Good Way': Exclusive Album Stream

Courtesy of the Artist

Kosha Dillz

After teasing fans with his single, "Where My Homies Be," rapper Kosha Dillz will deliver his sophomore album, "Awkward In A Good Way" tomorrow (Nov. 5).

Check out an exclusive stream of the album here on The Juice, a day before its release:

"Awkard In A Good Way," is Dillz' first release through his new deal with Murs' label, Murs 316.  Dillz worked closely with Murs and Belief, who produced the all of the 10-song effort, to fearlessly explore his ubiquitous character.

"Awkward In A Good Way is an album that allowed me to get out of my head," the Israeli-American Jewish rapper says. "Creatively, Belief evokes a certain emotion in his production that embraces my awkwardness, in a way that no other producer has really captured. The titlle was really pushed on me by Murs. He told me that people will take me seriously once I realize that I'm never going to fit in, and that's ok. 'This is your lane, and you've created it, so accept it,' says Murs."


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