Fredo Santana Debuts Kendrick Lamar-Assisted Song, 'Jealous': Listen

Fredo Santana, Kendrick Lamar - “Jealous”

Fredo Santana continues to hustle independently. The Glory Boyz Entertainment rapper – who's yet to sign to a major label – releases a malicious collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, "Jealous."

Both rappers dive into their paranoia and woes of stardom on the Tarentino-produced cut, with Kendrick switching up his flow through out his verses: "I got worry on my brain/ I've been gone all summer/ Just to fly back home and find out y'all done killed my little brother/ Shit is fucked up on these streets/ Why the fuck would I think about some rap beef/ Ni--a I got bigger fish to fry now/ Empty out my account and I'll pay for sleep/ Where's my bottle?"

Fredo Santana closes "Jealous" with a sly comparison to Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, and a heavy claim: he hasn't changed but money has changed those around him. Fredo's upcoming album, "Trappin' AIn't Dead," which features "Jealous," debuts in November. The project also features GBE's SD, Chief Keef, Gino Marley and production by Lex Luger, Young Chop and more.

If you blinked while watching Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home," you may have missed Fredo's acting debut. Check it out below: