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B.o.B Talks Quarter Life Crisis & 'Underground Luxury' Album

Kate Glicksberg
B.o.B. photographed at the Billboard Studio

B.o.B is suffering from a quarter-life crisis.

With two weeks before his 25th birthday, the Atlanta rapper finds himself at a point in his 10-year career where he can't let anyone get in his way, including himself." "At 25, from this point forward it has got to be just uphill, " he says. "It's like 'Bob, Whatever you want to do, do it now.'"

Bobby Ray has taken a tight rein on his career, starting with his upcoming third studio album, "Underground Luxury," to debut on December 7. Check out our exclusive interview with B.o.B below.

"This is my moment for me to be completely unedited, unfiltered and for the world to see," he says of "Underground Luxury." "That side of me was on my mixtapes prior to my album, but everybody didn't see that. That's not who the world was introduced to. For me, this is like [exhales]… I can relax, do what I want, say what I want."

B.o.B recently announced he'll be starting a label of his own titled, Ham Squad. "I'm taking my time with it, looking at what's out there musically and what gets drawn to me in the universe… I'll have a roster in no time." The label name is derived from a group of rappers and producers B.o.B has been a part of since the early stages of his career, which included Playboy Tre, DJ Swatts, DJ Smooth, Moss B, B-Rich and TJ Chapman, according to HipHopDX.

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Working closely with long-time mentor, T.I., under Grand Hustle Records, B.o.B has learned lessons from the rap veteran which he plans to implement in Ham Squad: "I've learned a lot about work ethic fromTip; how to work hard and understanding that you could be so caught up in your own method, and you think it's a method, but in actuality you don't like challenge. He's opened my perspective of doing whatever you want to do.

He's picked up a few nuggets on and of his own: "The biggest lesson for me is [that] you shouldn't be or seek any other confirmation for being what you want to be or allowing yourself to be what you want to be, other than yourself."