John Legend Talks Seal Collaboration & 'Open Your Eyes' Cover: Watch

Jennifer Pottheiser for iHeartRadio

John Legend for iHeartRadio Live.

When it comes to love, John Legend is interested in tomorrow, not yesterday. "This is a new year for love; Love in the future, not the love I lost," he sings on the intro to his fourth studio album, "Love in the Future."

One can see why John Legend is focused on the future by simply skipping to the 4:42 mark of his video for "All of Me." Video director, Nabil, closes the video with footage of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen tying the knot in Italy last month.

John Legend Marries Chrissy Teigen in Italy

The singer left the audience speechless at his NYC iHeart Radio Live show yesterday (Oct. 7), after performing "All of Me." With only him behind his piano, he performed "the perfect wedding song," which a concert-goer yelled out, along with a slew of songs from his four-album discography.

"This is one of the first songs we (Kanye West and me) wrote for the album. I think of my father. He worked so hard. He worked at an auto factory. Rarely he'd' have a night out with my  mom, but when he did he'd take her out to Red Lobster. We're a classy family," John Legend joked yesterdy, when talking about "Love in the Future" song, "Caught Up."

John Legend Talks 'Love In the Future' Collaborators & Definitive Technology Partnership

He took the audience down memory lane with his "Love in the Future" cover of Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes." During his Walmart 'Soundcheck' session, John Legend shared as to why he decided to record his own rendition for the album: "Kanye thought it'd be a cool idea to bring  back the original and expose my generation to the original song." Watch below:

Legend continued to share how his collaboration with Seal, "We Loved It," came to be: "Kanye was working at the Mercer hotel in New York. He was mainly working on 'Watch the Throne' at that time, with Jay-Z. He invited me over every once in a while to work on my album,w hen he had time to pull himself away from 'Watch the Throne.' He ran into Seal in the lobby of the Mercer and invited him up to the room where we were working. Seal and I, Kanye and Jeff Bhasker wrote the song together in that moment."

"Whenever you write a song especially early in the process of the album, you never know what's gonna happen with it but this one came out beautifully," he said.