Drake Turns Killer in 'Hold On, We're Going Home' Video: Watch Here

Drake - Hold On We're Going Home

Oddly enough, the most tender song on Drake’s new “Nothing Was the Same” album (out today), has gotten the gangster flick treatment. The Toronto artist released the video for his latest single, “How On, We’re Going Home,” recently and true to its synthy ‘80s sound, it’s set in 1985.

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The video opens with fellow rapper A$AP Rocky making a toast to his crew in a Miami restaurant for a completed, unnamed mission that began three years prior. “I love y’all,” Rocky wraps before jokingly adding, “I just wish y’all wasn’t so damn ugly.” Drake soaks in the adulation.

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But just as they’re about to get the good times rolling, he gets word that his lady (seen at home prepping to join him) has been nabbed by nefarious foes. Drake slams the rotary phone he received the call on and the fellas head home, changing into drab, quiet killer garb and loading up on guns.

But wait, is it an inside job? “He’s a rat,” whispers one of Drake’s confidants to the boss after witnessing a sketchy call being made secretly to the enemy by a supposed friend.

To find out if Drake gets his girl back home and how his squad deals with the rat, watch the video. And let us know what you think of it in the comments below.