Emoment: How B.o.B Survives Heartbreak

There's nothing like the softer side of a rapper, when he or she almost sheds a thug tear or subtly smirks when reminiscing on a special someone. In the words — err, tweets — of Jay Z, a rapper whose done such that (the latter at least): "facts only."

In the Juice series Emoment (a favorite of mine, of course), I ask a rapper one question: how do you know when it's love?

"Love to me is so much deeper than the opposite sex. You think it's the partner, but in this industry [it's] when you find out who cares about you," B.o.B tells me. "There's a certain type of care that you just don't get from other people. When someone cares about you [and] just your happiness... It doesn't even matter what your potential is, or what you're capable of doing, or what you haven't done or what you have done... [When] it's just you and they care about that; That's what's real to me."

And if you're an artist and you find yourself heartbroken, B.o.B has some advice for you: "If you break up with your partner, go straight to the studio. You're going to make great music."