Chris Brown Drops 'Love More' Video

Hours after getting slapped with 1,000 more hours of community labor, embattled pop star Chris Brown has leaked his new video for "Love More," featuring a rap and appearance by Nicki Minaj and a cameo via "Reno 911" comedian Nick Swardsen.

The clip begins with Brown and his brah Swardsen driving with three ladies to the club while listening to the opening lines of "Love More." There's also a special effect showing Brown's naked torso through some sort of X-ray screen outside his house (but it's never explained or revisited, so never mind).

At the club, which is filled exclusively with women, Brown can hardly believe his eyes and proceeds to dance gleefully to the rapid, hook-laden track, whose key lyric is a vulgar take on the proverb: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

"Till we get it right, we 'gon f-ck some more. Imma get it. Till we get it," Brown declares in the song's chorus. Minaj rolls in later to spit her verse, "Could I be your wife?/Naw, we could bang though/ I got these niggas whipped/Call me Django."

"Love More" has spent three weeks on the Hot 100, debuting at No. 56 but spending the past two frames at No. 90. The song is the third single off Brown's upcoming sixth studio album, "X."

Brown posted a link to the restricted version of the video on Twitter.