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Emoment: Goodie Mob On What Qualifies As Love

There's nothing like the softer side of a rapper, when he or she almost sheds a thug tear or subtly smirks when reminiscing on a special someone. In the words — err, tweets — of Jay Z, a rapper whose done such that (the latter at least): "facts only."

In the Juice series Emoment (already a favorite of mine, of course), I ask a rapper one question: how do you know when it's love?

"Love to me is God," Goodie Mob's T-Mo says, who according to Cee-Lo "is in love." "It's when you got a real spirit involved in it and you can feel it through out your soul, and not just flesh. That's when it's true love. It involves a spirituality, connection… more than just the physical aspect of it."

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For Khujo, love is when "you'd die for a person" and it "can be a woman or it can be a man."

Cee-Lo shares what true love is for him: "Love in layman's terms is simply defined as being out of control. So you're probably in love when you can't control yourself and your actions become involuntary. Now, that type of reckless abandon can be bad for business so you have to just be mindful." 

"And when we say love is God, balance is also godly and righteous. You want somebody to come and balance you out. Someone that doesn't encourage your overzealousness or over-reaction. Not needy and not greedy. Love is communication, clear communication as well. And since we got to live by a certain practice, pace and patience in order to qualify it as love, it's got be more than love, it's got to be lifestyle," he continues.

Do you agree with Goodie Mob?