The Weeknd Releases 'Love In The Sky' Song: Listen

Aaron Davidson/FilmMagic
The Weeknd performs at Ultra Musci Festival

A week after releasing the video to "Belong to the World," The Weeknd teases fans with another song off his upcoming debut album, "Kiss Land." "Love In The Sky” is a slow, soft core jam about the hardships that come when living the dream.

"If you commit to this ride/ There’s no turning back," he sings in the opening verse. At first, it seems like a buoyant introduction cast over a smooth beat, but soon after the mood dims.

Despite latching on to a tangible state of dreaming, The Weeknd, born Abel Tesfaye, confesses the consequences and hardships of acquiring this new lifestyle, one of which is having emotional insecurity replace intimacy.

"As for me, I’ve been flying around the world/ I’ve been killing these shows/ But I’m always getting high/ Cause my confidence is low/ And I’m always in a rush/ Ain’t no time to fuck slow,” he sings.

“Kiss Land” comes out on September 10, followed by The Weeknd’s supporting fall tour.

Check out an abridged version of the video to "Love In The Sky."