Cash Money's Birdman and Slim Connected to Sexual Assault Lawsuit: Report

Cash Money's Birdman and Slim Connected to Sexual Assault Lawsuit: Report

Cash Money Records founders and co-CEOs Baby (also known as Birdman) and Slim are being held accountable for a sexual assault.

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Ronald "Slim" Williams and Bryan "Baby" Williams invited plantiff Nicole Westmoreland for "a presentation" with Cash Money Records at a "rented" recording studio, according to My Fox Atlanta via Hip-Hop Wired.

While in court last week (Jan. 24), Westmoreland recalled that Cash Money associate Alfred Cleveland followed her into the restroom and sexually assaulted her. "He bit me on my cheek. I was like… I tried to pull his hands down and he turned me around," Westmoreland said. "He turned me around and pulled my jeans down."

The Williams brothers deny that Cleveland was an employee but a friend.

Westmoreland was reportedly offered $100,000 in cash to not report the assault. After she refused she allegedly faced a death threat, "if I didn't drop it they were going to kill me."

Although the Williams brothers weren't involved in the assault, Westmoreland is holding them, Cash Money Records, accountable. When the record label's attorney, Jim Cox, asked if she believed Slim and Baby knew the sexual assault was underway she responded, "I believe Bryan Williams and Ronald Williams has to know the rapist was dangerous."

Westmoreland under went treatment at a "mental hopsital" after encountering suicidal thoughts. She is seeking "unspecified financial damages."

Representative for Birdman and Slim has yet to respond to our request for a comment.