David Guetta Brings Nicki Minaj To Life In 'Turn Me On' Video: Watch

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Taking a pile of machinery and building the rap superstar, David Guetta flips Nicki Minaj's switch and literally turns her on in the pair's new Frankenstein-esque video. Watch below.

Video: David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, "Turn Me On"

"Turn Me On" begins with Guetta tinkering away at Minaj's pair of singing lips, adding mechanical limbs and bringing her to life. The "Superbass" star is then covered in plastic until she resembles a naked but less-than-anatomically correct doll. All the while, Barbie is singing, "Make me come alive/ Come on and turn me on."

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With a few touches, Minaj is dressed in a Gothic 19th-century-inspired gown. The doll-like townspeople follow her enviously as she parades through the city with flowing pink hair. After Minaj hops on a black horse and rides off, the other dolls beat down the door of Guetta's laboratory. They seduce him and rip off his human exterior until he's a doll himself -- uniquely made of chainmail armor instead of plastic.

"Turn Me On" is off of Guetta's "Nothing But The Beat," which debuted in August. Minaj's upcoming album, "Roman Reloaded" was expected to drop in February, but the rapper recently pushed the release date back to April 3.