R. Kelly Releases New Single 'Share My Love': Listen

No. 10: R. Kelly

With Valentine's Day under two weeks away, R. Kelly opportunely releases his new single, "Share My Love." Listen below.

Its sound is reminiscent of 1960's/70's soul, funk, and disco from the likes of Barry White and Marvin Gaye, still maintaining Kelly's unmistakably smooth style. The jovial single, written and produced by R. Kelly, is a taste of his upcoming album "Write Me Back," slated to hit digital and physical shelves in May 2012.

Aside from the release of "Write Me Back," the R&B star is set to sail on a cruise in Oct. 2012. The "Love Letter" cruise will go for six days, heading from Miami to the Bahamas and back. The cruise reportedly will include a fashion show, salsa lessons, karaoke and more.