Report: Diddy Hospitalized & Released For Headache

Report: Diddy Hospitalized & Released For Headache

Shortly after hosting a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion last night (Feb. 12), Diddy suffered a "massive headache" and was taken to the hospital, TMZ reports.

Diddy's camp were worried of his pain and decided to drive Diddy to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center emergency room.

Diddy has yet to speak on the matter (via Twitter), but a close source to Diddy reportedly tells TMZ that the headache was "unrelated to anything that went down at the mansion."

"Best grammy party I ever threw!!! Thanks for common out y'all," Diddy tweeted early this morning. "God bless the rest of yall night! Drink responsibly and don't drink and drive pls! Love."

The hip-hop mogul also attended Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala on Saturday night (Feb. 11). Diddy spoke on Whitney Houston before formally introducing Davis.

"Her beautiful smile, incredible energy and grandma hugs that shook your body ... That made me get dressed; her natural positive spirit. We should celebrate Whitney Houston tonight. Listening to her sing was like a gift from God." He then chanted three times: "Ain't no party like a Clive Davis party." And added, "We're about to start the party in honor of Whitney Houston and Diana Ross." Ross was honored with a lifetime achievement award earlier in the day.