Limp Bizkit-Lil Wayne Single Has 'Hip-Hop-Rock Swagger,' says Birdman

Exclusive: Fred Durst Talks Cash Money, Lil Wayne & Limp Bizkit

Exclusive: Fred Durst Talks Cash Money, Lil Wayne & Limp Bizkit

Cash Money Co-CEO Says That Limp Bizkit was 'Perfect Match' For Label

A new collaboration between Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne is coming: the single is titled "Ready To Go," and will be released online next week. And Cash Money founder and co-CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams, whose label signed Limp Bizkit last week, tells that the single will be the perfect introduction to the unexpected Bizkit/YMCMB union.

"It'll be a great way to let the world know that [the band] is a part of us," says Williams. The Cash Money head says that Bizkit frontman Fred Durst joined Lil Wayne in Miami the week after the Grammy Awards to bang out the one-off single. "It's rock, but it's hip-hop-rock," says Birdman. "I think we got that hip-hop-rock swagger."

Limp Bizkit's deal with Cash Money raised some eyebrows when it was officially announced late last week -- after all, the label's foundation is still forward-thinking mainstream rap, with artists like Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj leading the way, while Bizkit is best known for early 00s rap-metal anthems like "Nookie" and "Rollin'." But Williams says that the signing makes sense for a brand that wants to expand into pop, gospel, and even country music.

"If we find some great talent, we're gonna embrace it," says Williams. "Limp Bizkit, to me, is just a perfect match for us… It was something that [Durst] was interested in doing, and I was already a fan, and I was like, 'Let's do it.' It's good for the brand, it will bring a different look for us, and we're definitely trying to expand on that side of music."

Limp Bizkit is currently touring Australia in support of its 2011 studio album, "Gold Cobra," in which the group reunited with guitarist Wes Borland and has sold 69,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. After the trek wraps in March, however, Birdman says that the group will head back to the States and commit to its first Cash Money release.

"We'll shoot the video with Wayne, and they're already in the studio working in Australia," says Williams. "They're just gonna go in and get it done. We're looking to put an album out this year, but right now we're dropping the single with him and Wayne, and we're gonna vibe from there. Fred's all the way in -- he understands what we're about, hard work and dedication. To me, they're one of the hardest workers in the business."