Game Readies New Mixtape & Album, Talks 'Behind The Music' Episode

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In anticipation of VH1's "Behind The Music" episode focused on the rise of Compton rapper Game, the MC tells that he's already working on new music to follow up last year's "R.E.D. Album": a new mixtape, "California Republic," is due out by the end of this month, while his fifth studio set, "FIVE: Fear Is Victory's Evolution," is in the works as well.

"My album's always got to have some level of a concept," says Game (real name: Jayceon Taylor). "So that's it. 'Five: Fear Is Victory's Evolution,' and who knows when that will drop." As for the mixtape, which follows free offerings like "Purp & Patron" and "Stop Snitchin-Stop Lyin," Game says that "California Republic" will "have some new and upcoming artists from out this way… You can expect my mixtape to do what it always does, which is consist of a lot of good music and be a lot better than most artists' albums."

Before he offers any new music, however, Game will look back on his past on his own "Behind The Music," which will premiere on VH1 on March 22. The rapper, who has seen "countless" episodes of the music documentary series -- his favorite episode is the Courtney Love biography, which he calls "the craziest shit ever" -- says that he was honored when VH1 offered him the opportunity to tell his life story, and that he expects fans to learn something about his character.

"The number one thing they're going to find out is that I've grown," he says. "When people think of The Game, they just think of this mean face, of my background and bullet wounds and the coma and the gangbanging, and they let that define me… But there's a lot more to me. I got a family, I got friends, I smile sometimes, I laugh, I have fun in my life. I think that the 'Behind The Music' will open up everybody's mind on that person I really am."

Still, "Behind The Music" forced Game to revisit some traumatic moments in his life, from the physical abuse of his father to getting shot. Here's an excerpt from Game's "Behind The Music," in which the rapper shares his thoughts on suicide: "My life, it just went from such a cool place to a dark place. I ended up being all alone and just contemplating suicide and thinking that after all that I've been through, this is what I'm left with? Is alone."

For Game, sharing these memories with the VH1 cameras was a more therapeutic experience than a stomach-churning one. "Any time I can let another person inside my life to understand how hard it was to get here -- and how hard it was to stay afloat -- they're more than welcome," he says. "I'm glad, that VH1 put me on this pedestal and let my life be shown. I can't wait until it airs."