Listen To Timbaland 'Break Ya Back' with Dev

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Timbaland returns to the microphone with "Break Ya Back," a slithery new track featuring "In The Dark" singer Dev that premiered on Virginia's Z104 on Friday morning (via RapRadar).

The chemistry between Timbaland and Dev on the sexually charged track makes "Break Ya Back" a (slightly lesser) replay of "Promiscuous," the producer's hit single with Nelly Furtado. Dev professes that all her boys are "trying to find my hidden valley" over the dark, furious beat, while Timbaland tells a young lady, "I got your thighs rubbin'/From this bass I be pumpin'."

"Break Ya Back" is the first taste of "Shock Value III," Timbaland's third solo effort which follows his first "Shock"er in 2007 and it's 2009 follow-up. Last month, the producer said that the album -- as well as the long-awaited new album from his longtime collaborator Missy Elliott -- would both be out this summer.