'Ayy Ladies' Rappers Travis Porter Tap Diplo For Debut Album

Travis Porter Talk 'From Day 1' Album, Short Film & Chart Success

Hip-hop trio Travis Porter is set to release its debut album, the group revealed on Friday.

"From Day 1" is due on RCA/Porter House Music on May 29, the follow-up to Hot 100 singles including "Make It Rain," "Bring it Back" and the Tyga-featuring "Ayy Ladies," which landed at No. 56 on this week's chart.

"This album is going to show a lot of growth, we got some big features and some of the best producers in the world," the group's Quez told Billboard.com. "We made like three or four tracks with Diplo… He has got some crazy beats. We came up with some dope ass records. We just did them, so two will be on the album."

The album's title is a nod to the group's fans, who've waited while Travis Porter struggled with label issues after signing to the now defunct Jive Records in 2010.

"This album is for our fans who have been down with us 'From Day 1,'" the trio said. "They watched us over the past 4 years come up out of Decatur, Ga."