Three 6 Mafia Talk Reality TV, New Music

The hilarious, near-slapstick antics of Three 6 Mafia are a reality TV producer's dream, which is why DJ Paul and Juicy J have had two reality shows and plan to do more unscripted work, "if the money is right."

After more than two decades in the music industry, the Memphis duo most recently appeared on VH1's "Famous Food," in which they teamed up with other celebs in order to open a restaurant in Hollywood. Like many made-for-TV gimmicks, the Lemon Basket eatery never quite caught on and shut its doors five months after opening.

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"We closed it down because the location wasn't right," DJ Paul explained to The Juice. The location was smack-dab in the heart of Hollywood nightlife, on L.A.'s famed Sunset Blvd. "West Hollywood wouldn't give us valet parking. Everybody had to go down the street to park and the building was upstairs, it was too much. Anybody that knows about Sunset Blvd. [knows that] it's $20 to park on the weekends, so we're not going to [make customers] do that. It was too much for us. We're looking for a new location right now."

Also on Three 6 Mafia's menu is artist development -- the latest signee to the Hypnotize Minds imprint is Mexican rapper Coco. "We're just trying something different," Paul said of tapping into the Latino genre by snatching up the West L.A. native. "We're just trying to mix the black with the Hispanic, because we're all ni**as in the end."

As for their own music, the members of Three 6 Mafia have ventured out on their own but continue to work together. In the midst of promoting separate projects, the Oscar winners are heading back to their hometown for the Beale Street Music Festival sponsored by Budweiser on May 4. Paul will unleash his "For I Have Sinned" mixtape on April 19, while Juicy J dropped the "Blue Dream & Lean" mixtape late last year.

Meanwhile, Three 6 Mafia's upcoming music will mostly run along the same lines of the strip-club friendly rap that put them on the map. "Our music is like trippy music," Juicy J explained, still short on sharing a timeframe for the group's next full-length. "Music that'll just get you high, make you turn't up, make you feel good. We've been doing that from day one, and we're still doing the same kind of sound with a flip to it."