Listen: Lil B's Lecture at NYU

Video: Lil B Votes Swag/No Swag on Obama, Gaga, Trump, & More

Lil B needs a hand sign for his cult following. Wu-Tang Clan fans throw up the "W." Jay-Z fans throw diamonds ("the roc") in the air. That's simply all that was missing at the rapper's NYU lecture, yesterday (April 11). (Note to the Based God: Let's not go with the letter B, capitalized. I tried that last night and my finger bones ached.)

Lil B took the stage close to 8:30 p.m. with only one plan: no plan. "Its just real. I'm just happy you guys are getting the real me. No pen, no pad. I didn't script a speech. I come here and all I can do is be myself and spread love," Lil B told those in attendance.

His talk was an 80-minute long stream of consciousness interwoven with golden rules ("everybody make sure you wear seat belts"), recent revelations ("And he was like, "You know what has changed?" And he was like, "Your attitude." And that was deep, bro!"), news ("But look out for my Lil B rock album, "California Boy"), biological observations, and words of wisdom that my mother gifted me with when I was knee-high.

When I wasn't raising my hand, as if in church, I looked over to see how others in attendance were taking in Lil B's talk. Billboard's Social/Streaming Chart Manager, William Gruger, would bust out laughing at his hilarious antics every seven minutes. Fellow writer, Steven Horowitz, stayed DM'ing words of encouragement to Lil B through out the night. Grantland's Rembert Browne and Buzzfeed's Lindsey Weber couldn't tweet Lil B's words fast enough, ultimately screaming out "No!," in unison, when the talk came to a close.

Below is an audio clip of Lil B's NYU lecture in it's entirety. Press play, soak it in and let me know how you feel in the comments.