Wiz Khalifa Busted for Marijuana, Again

Wiz Khalifa Unveils 'Cabin Fever 2' Mixtape Track List

Wiz Khalifa Unveils 'Cabin Fever 2' Mixtape Track List

On Wednesday, police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, reported that rapper Wiz Khalifa was caught with marijuana following his performance at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Monday, May 1st.

According to the Associated Press, the cops were patrolling the Joel Coliseum's parking lot when an officer, smelling marijuana from outside Khalifa's tour bus, seized an undisclosed amount of the rapper's weed and drug paraphernalia.

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The account follows a previous charge of marijuana possession, when just last month the rapper was charged in Nashville, Tenn. Khalifa was staying with another man, Lonnie Howard, at a Holiday Inn, when the front desk reported complaints of marijuana odor coming from their hotel room. Local police knocked on the rapper's door to discover Khalifa tossing a joint out of the window. It was later recovered.

Howard told the police that other than the joint, there was no weed in the room, but reports indicate that at least 2.7 grams were later discovered. He was arrested and Khalifa was cited for misdemeanor drug possession.

Wiz Khalifa is set to appear in court in North Carolina on July 27 to appeal the current citation.